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TRADING - Not just A Business - It’s a Lifestyle


The TRADING TUTOR offers you the opportunity to develop your financial knowledge, personal growth and income to a superior level.
Our Financial Training encourages you to transform yourself to accept the ever-changing workforce, uncover new financial opportunities, develop a profitable income generating business, shaping the future for yourself and your family.
"There is nothing more precise than being able to decide"                            Napoleon

was born out of the need seen by its founder (after the down turn in the share market in 1987, closely followed by the property market in 1989); for people to learn how to control their own financial future.

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The late 70’s and right through the 80’s saw the growing popularity of managed funds.

Prior to the growth of the managed fund industry, most people sought, and with the help of the real estate agent, stockbroker and bank manager, put together their own direct investment portfolio.

However, by the mid 80’s, people had become too busy earning a living to worry about managing their own investments and opted for managed funds.

Following the downturn in the share and property markets; it became obvious by 1990 that fund managers were doing no more with investor’s money, than they (the investor) could do them selves. That was, put their money directly into the market, then sit and wait.

The 90’s bought with it low interest rates which in-turn reduced income and the standard of living for many people, who had invested in times of high interest rates and retired. For the majority of these people, returning to the work force was out of the question.

Their only option was to live off capital. But just how long will their capital last?

Today, in the new millennium, we need to look at the way we manage our money.

No longer is it good enough to leave our money to someone else to manage for us. We need to have an understanding of how to do it for ourselves.

Take a portion of our money and treat it like a business – a business similar to a fund management business. Except, this business will have one client. – You!

The increase of cash flow is seen as the key to maintaining your selected lifestyle, minimising debt and crucial to creating wealth. But just how do we go about improving our cash flow?

One way, is to establish your own part time financial trading business.

With a comprehensive understanding of the
INDEXTRA Training Program and the commitment to managing your financial business like the serious enterprise that it is. You can expect to earn an above average, full time - income, part – time. Plus, the time to pursue the lifestyle you really desire.


Having An Unfair Advantage
To trade successfully you need to trade when conditions are in your favour. No one has a crystal ball - but in order to understand when conditions are favourable, you must first know how to calculate them.

Firstly, if people could learn to calculate the degree of risk that they were prepared to take, then I believe that they can take control of their own financial future. By this, I don’t mean to withdraw all your money from fund managers, but take a portion and treat that portion as ‘business capital’. Then, manage your own financial business; leaving the fund managers, manage that other portion – your ‘investment capital’.

As you read on, you will find the basis of Indextra’s Financial Programs are all about training, managing risk, discipline, debt elimination increasing cash flow and money management.

The TRADING TUTOR is not in conflict with investment, managed or direct, as each compliments the other. However, you will always find those people who know better.

"Most people are always thinking about losing money, as opposed to making it". Benjamin Franklin.

Take a little time to think about the above statement.

All I ask is that you view the program, the business concept and money management techniques. This way you will be able to visualise the cash flow necessary to reduce debt, increase income and accumulate assets, to assist in enhancing your lifestyle.

The most expensive asset you will ever own is a closed mind

And probably, your greatest risk is not investigating INDEXTRA's financial training programs further.

"Know your market; know yourself, your resources, your intellect and your psychological qualities maintain the discipline of your plan and victory will be yours". - The Art Of War.

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